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Attorney Shrief Almesallmy Graduated from East Tennessee University with a Bachelor’s of Science, and went on to study at the University of Memphis, Cecil c Humphreys School of Law.  Throughout his education he was fortunate to have top notch professors and mentors that have enabled him to provide competent representation while maintaining a degree of professionalism that is unique to his profession. 

Prior to entering into the practice of law Shrief Almesallmy owned several businesses and developed a strong and competitive professional reputation that enables him now to provide exceptional customer service and care to your most important matters. But don’t just take our word for it, look at his reviews and find for yourself just how committed he is to putting his clients first. If Shrief Alemsallmy represents you then you will see firsthand how he goes above and beyond to ensure you feel well represented.

When he is not managing his law firm, he is a caring for his children and striving to grow as a caring husband and attentive father. Some activities he is passionate about include swimming, playing-golf, tennis, and videogames. In the colder seasons he enjoys snowboarding and sledding with his children.

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Golden Rule--treating others as we would like to be treated by a zealous advocate.

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